About Us

NEFresh is an initiative of Ayanant Ventures Pvt. Ltd. to deliver fresh cut hygienic meat, fish, vegetables and spices to the consumer sitting in the luxury of their home. We understand that in the fast paced life, we have very little time to go to the market, at the same time, we value the Indian tradition of cooking only fresh cut meat and fish, as this ensures the integrity of all the nutrients for which we are consuming the meat and fish. Our meat and other products are sourced from local producer who produce it in their farmland & every order encourage local production of the same. The meat is cut at the certified facilities located across the city. To maintain the integrity of the nutrients, we deliver the product in a special temper proof packing delivered at a temp of less than 5 C.

NEFresh sources it products from farmers and their collectives like Farmer Producer Organisation (FPOs) and Farmer Producer Cooperatives to address the market related issues of the farmers of North East States. NEFresh put specialise products of North East in its cart to promote the ethnic products of North Eastern States of India.